Corrosion Protection with MGO Beads

Watch Water® at Mannheim have developed a new coating material that prevents piping and heaters from corrosion. Watch Water® created Magnesium-Oxide beads to coat corroded pipes from leaking heavy metals like copper, zinc or lead. These beads essentially immobilize the magnesium film.


The coating not only sticks, but eventually mix well with harsh chemical environments, such as soft water and reverse osmosis water. The coating can also withstand high pressure and traps tiny bubbles of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide that are the main reason that often leads to pinholes and corrosion. This technology is the only solution for rapid healing of corrosion. 

MGO beads known CORRTRAPP is highly active media that is used to prevent a less active metal surface from corroding. These beads are created from magnesium with a more negative electrochemical potential than the other metals like – Iron, stainless steel, copper, lead and zinc.
The MGO beads will be consumed in place of the metal it is protecting, which is why it is referred to as a “wonder” anode.   




CORRTRAPP/MGO beads are used worldwide to protect water heaters, pipelines, distribution system's, tanks and all municipalities to protect rust + corrosion in pipes. The CORRTRAPP system’s must be periodically inspected and refilled when consumed. 

“MAGNESIUM” (MGO) can be the only answer for protecting corrosion. Including magnesium enriched minerals in water which is considered to be the healthiest water.


  • No antiscalants or corrosion inhibitors required
  • Comparatively simple installation and additional bead scan easily be added.
  • Can be used where there is no power.
  • No dosing pumps required.
  • No phosphate required.
  • No Phosphate, No Biofouling, No Legionella in building. 
  • Remove bad odor from water heaters.