What is RapidSoft Water?

Water treated with Rapid Soft System is water containing a crystallized form of Calcium Carbonate and enriched with Magnesium after the Saltlesswatersoftener (RapidSoft).
RapidSoft water will immediately stop any sort of corrosion in metal pipes.  

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The predominant cation and anion in RapidSoft softened water are only Magnesium and Hydroxide, respectively, and crystallized calcium carbonate, and Magnesium Hydroxide is used in closed circuit systems to stop corrosion by buffering (stabilizing) the pH between 8.0 and 8.5. (CARBONATE) is an only name of alkalinity and not bicarbonate.


Certification? DVGW is useless

Only one certification is accepted internationally WQA (Water Quality Association) USA provides an international testing and certification service for all water treatment products and food including drinking water (Please click here). DVGW is only qualified for German testing and not accepted by the European Water Treatment Association. Only WQA certification is a true certificate for international standards.

Soft water, on the other hand, contains very little calcium and magnesium; its pH is always low and buffering capacity is negligible. Hence water softened by salt water softeners is very corrosive to metals. So ion-exchange softened water is not recommended by health services worldwide.


Horrible, Why?

While anion-exchange (Salt-based) softener does remove hardness causing ions like calcium, magnesium and a small amount of iron, it also adds sodium to the water at a ratio of 2:1, For every calcium ion removed from the water, two sodium ions take its place, this is horrible.

Water Softener (Salt Based)

Tankless water heaters use an electric current passed through a highly resistive element to heat the water. A tiny fraction of that current can leak into the water and will cause electrochemical corrosion of the heater and the nearby plumbing as those free electrons look for a home. For this reason, all modern water heaters include a sacrificial anode rod: which is made of magnesium: its purpose is to attract those electrons and corrode away instead of the rest of the heater or the pipes. Once the anode rod is gone the heater will always start corroding away. The life of the Magnesium rod is short.

Watch Water® Magnesium beads protect is not only for the heater, but also for residential and commercial buildings. Only Magnesium beads are the best solution to stop all corrosion processes in the cold as well as hot water applications. 


What is Sodium?

Sodium is an electrolyte and its presence in the water soft or hard does not matter will enhance the galvanic corrosion that Watch Water® just described. As long as the magnesium beads system is installed, the boiler or heaters won’t be affected, but the magnesium will be used faster because of the presence of sodium in the water, and once the magnesium beads are used, the sodium will enhance the corrosion of the boiler, heater and the complete plumbing system 

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